The Galactic Order of Mandalore

Or simply, The Order. The new 'Order' has now taken over the galaxy. Controlling more planets and territory than both the Empire and Republic combined, the Order of Mandalore's reign over the universes has now begun.

Led by Emperor Ordo, Supreme General Arcas, and Head of State Widowmaker, among others, the new government has now put a law against the Jedi and Sith, along with their Republic and Imperial counterparts. No longer legal on Mandalorian soil, a purge is sure to follow...

It is yet to be seen the intent of the new government. There is, of course, the chance of it becoming corrupt like the Empire under Palpatine's control. However, it promises to bring good and peace to the galaxy...

...Only time will tell. And time is something the Republic and Empire, unfortunately, are running out of.

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