Massacre on Coruscant

On the Republic capital of Coruscant, what started as a simple meeting turned ugly. Hanis Zeta, a sith turned jedi, originally met with Akatrian Nexik on the planet. Akatrian wished to dispose of the traitor...

Eventually, both sides called reinforcements. Alex Kenobi came to help Zeta (among others) and LaoTzu, Silvos, and Sneelda Morn came to help Akatrian.

After many rough battles and saber duels, the battle was getting no where. Eventually, the gathering of the force could not be denied by Galten, and the great one came to witness the battle.

Kenobi tried to destroy Galten, and the sith countered by sending a blast into Coruscant's atmosphere, altering the gravity around the great planet, and in doing so, dooming it.

After much begging, Galten spared Coruscant and reversed his spell. Why he did this is unknown...but it was by pure luck Coruscant remains in the same shape...

Except for minor structural damage and a few thousand civilian lost lives, the Republic capital would remain safe, until a new threat struck...

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