Kion Kenobi

   * Race: Human
   * Gender: Male
   * Age: 19
   * Homeworld: Naboo
   * Class: Sith


At birth he was seperated from his twin brother darth nova. They were seperated at birth because, obi-wan choose one to be a jedi and one to be a sentor.Obi-wan thought that it will be beter they did not know they were bothers.Short after the death of there father his bother left the jedi oder. Also kion just got promoted to sentor of Naboo. When he got promoted he inherated 80,000 ,and his bother did too. He wanted to learn about his family. Since he was the sentor of Naboo had alot of resouces. He found out about his famiily. He found out his bother left the jedi oder. He found his fathers will and it said:

   *obi-wans will
   *I want one of my sons to be a sentor:kion
   *I want one of my sons to be a jedi: reion


The rest of it was classified because he wanted no jedi to know of his son kion.Kion wanted to know who was this reion in the will.He looked at the jedi files. Evenually he found it. It said reion left the jedi oder and turned sith and changed his name to DARTH NOVA . he is wanted on #7 planets even naboo. After that kion joined the jedi order,but kion stoped being the sentor of naboo,and he is on the search of finding his bother


Kion had become one of the best jedi padawns ever. Kion wanted to become jedi knight, but the council said no.After that Kion left the jedi order and turned

exile.Kion was begining to feel sick of exile. So he turned dark jedi to find a new master, but so far it has been in vain.Kion found the lighting holocron.His new mentor Master Kain gave him a Adegan Power Crystal for his old saber.With his new saber and holocron. He is looking for a master. No dark jedi master would train, so kion turned sith and kain could become his master.
Kion Kenobi
Biographical information
Date of birthUnknown
Date of deathUnknown
Physical description
Height6' 5"
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorRed
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Disappearance of Evil, Pre and Post-Triumvirate

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