Homeworld: Sandaar

Description: The Jan'Dan inhabit the planet Sandarr, an arid land full of many tribes and villages that contain their people. The planet is sparsely populated by animals, shelter, and food, and ever since their existence, the Jan'Dan have struggled to survive, let alone flourish and grow.

As such, the Jan'Dan have grown hard and relentless, their will unbreakable. Jan'Dans, in a word, are primitive...for their knowledge of the known Galaxy is as vast as a Gizka's. Completely oblivious to all the happenins taking place everywhere away from Sandaar, the Jan'Dan worry about themselves only, and how to further their bleak lifestyle.

Divided into tribes and castes, the entire purpose of a Jan'Dan is to increase his or her social status, through either good deeds or a display of strength in either a small militia or army, their main purpose to defend their tribe.

The Jan'Dan are completely alien, their skin a pale crimson and their eyes a deep red. Most have horns atop their heads, along with extremely sensitive sight, lacking both perception and distance. Despite this, the Jan'Dan tower over other species, standing at a monstrous 6 foot 8 inches, on average. Furthermore, the Jan'Dan have nearly inpenetrable, rough hides, a great means of protection against most primitive weaponry on Sandaar. The Jan'Dan are capable of rapid evolution, as well.

Whether or not the Jan'Dan ever learn of the other planets and people in the Galaxy, or if they ever leave their homeworld, or even survive, is unknown...and only time will tell.