Homeworld: Yag'Dhul

Description: The Givin hail from the planet Yag'Dhul, a world with a complex moon system that often causes tidal upheavals exposing areas of Yag'Dhul to the hard vacuum of space. To survive this, the Givin have evolved a means of sealing their entire anatomy in a form of organic exoskeleton vac-suit, sealing off all orifices and entering a state of hibernation. To successfully use this evolutionary precaution, Givin must hoard and store food energy by gorging prior to entering their sealed state. To assist them in predicting the terrible tides, the Givin have evolved a barometric sense.

As the Givin developed intellectually, they perfected complex forms of mathematics to help predict the bizarre moon system orbiting Yag'Dhul. Mathematics became the savior of the Givin people, and became central to their culture. The Givin are ruled by a mathematical theocracy, with their most gifted mathematicians acting as priests and keepers of knowledge. These advanced scholars study transcendental mathematics, equations that seek to see through time, and numerical puzzles intended to find the answer to the question of life.

Givin are well known throughout the Galaxy as superb shipbuilders, creating some of the sleekest craft in use. Non-Givin often must modify the ships since some areas are not pressurized, and the vessels have minimal nav computers, since Givin do most of the astrogation calculations in their heads. The Givin respect the Verpine and Duros for their shipbuilding talents, but cannot abide the Mon Calamari for their differing design philosophies.