Both the Empire and the New Republic took the time to fortify their forces. The New Republic took various steps to try and gain victory over the threat that the Vong and the Mandalorians pose, while the Imperial Remnants gathered and decided what to do with their future.

The New Republic rejoined with General Bel Iblis, and with the new ally they gained valuable knowledge on various weaknesses of the Yuuzhan Vong. The Republic now will try a massive counterstrike against the invaders, hoping to end the war once and for all.

Meanwhile, at the Imperial meeting on Muunillinst, a new leader of the Empire was named while Naga Sadow is missing. Grand Admiral Thrawn has seized command of the Imperial Remnants, with Grand Admiral Teshik and Fleet Admiral Pallaeon at his side. All of the other remaining Grand Admirals mysteriously were killed.

The Empire plans to regroup and stay on the defensive while the Republic will try to destroy the Vong conquerers, only time will tell what shall happen...