What is Star Wars Dominion?

Star Wars Dominion, or SWD for short, is Invision Free's largest and most succesful Star Wars Role Play site. A spawn of the site Star Wars Hutt the Dominion was started by Revan and Naga, who had their sites merged early on in both of the site's life. SWD has gone from a lowly RP site basking in but a shadow of the larger ones, to a full fledged RP site in months when it took others years.

SWD takes place in the year 53 ABY after the movies. Below is a opening to the RP from the SWD forum:

A long, long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away...

It is several months after the fall of the second Death Star in the battle of Endor, where not only the Death Star fell but also the two Sith Lords known as Darth Vader and Sidious met their demise. The rebels were victorious in the battle, but the Empire is far from defeat.

The Rebels must now try to come together and unify under a single group, called The New Republic, while the Empire tries to regain control and defeat the "Rebel scum" before it is too late. The Empire's army still outnumbers the Republic's, and they still have control over the millions of clonetroopers.

Revan Ordo, a powerful Mandalorian Jedi that helped defeat the Empire's numerous Dark Jedi, with the help of Luke Skywalker, the Young Jedi and Republic Pilot, have started to make The New Jedi Order. With Revan as the leader and Luke at his side, the two hope to rebuild the once great Jedi Order and stop the Sith from ever gaining control of the Galaxy again.

The Republic's big plans seem to be working, however, the Sith refuse to sit and watch. Even though Sidious and Vader have fallen, the powerful Sith Lord known as Darth Malak, together with Darth Exile have risen into power to try to thwart the Jedi...

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